Views sought on Scottish Borders heat and energy efficiency strategy

Views sought on Scottish Borders heat and energy efficiency strategy

A public consultation has been launched on the first draft Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) and accompanying five-year Delivery Plan (2024-2029) for the Scottish Borders.

The draft strategy outlines the long-term plan to make heating more eco-friendly in buildings across the region and to improve energy efficiency by combining existing energy reduction and affordable warmth plans.

The LHEES aims to explain the necessary changes needed in buildings in the Borders to meet national and local objectives, including achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions and the removal of poor energy efficiency as a driver of fuel poverty.

These changes will be achieved by building on ongoing activities such as the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme, which provides funding for energy efficiency measures in privately owned homes.

Additionally, the draft strategy seeks to identify key areas for heat decarbonisation zones, setting out measures to reduce building emissions in each zone.

The accompanying delivery plan will focus on a shorter five-year period between 2024 to 2029 and will set out the actions, initiatives, and programmes to support the delivery of the strategy.

Councillor Jenny Linehan, executive member for Environment and Transport, said: “The LHEES will be crucial in helping us meet national targets of reaching net zero emissions by 2045 and eliminating fuel poverty by 2040.

“The draft strategy presents our vision to increase the energy efficiency of local homes and buildings, offering affordable warmth with more decarbonised heat sources and in turn reducing our contributions to climate change.

“All buildings are covered within the plan and therefore this affects all residents throughout the region. It is important that local communities and stakeholders can have their say on the priorities outlined and how the actions will help to address issues and meet local needs.

“We are asking for everyone to take a few minutes and share their thoughts on the draft strategy and delivery plan, ensuring the priorities and actions proposed achieve the best outcome.”

Those wishing to have their say have until Friday 8 March 2024.

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