Want to talk Value? It’s time to talk to HouseMark Scotland

Want to talk Value? It’s time to talk to HouseMark Scotland

How can my business demonstrate value for money?

How can I deliver value to tenants and other stakeholders?

How can I ensure value from the services I procure…?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, then we’d love to talk to you.

How we can help:

Tell your Value for Money story, relating directly to Charter performance indicators:

  • Eliminate inefficiency by identifying high costs and low performance to become a low cost, high performing landlord
  • Develop a greater understanding of your tenants so you can tailor services and deliver better outcomes for them
  • Combat welfare reform by maximising revenue collection – collecting rents and allocating homes efficiently and effectively
  • Learn from best performers, both within and outside the housing sector
  • Base business decisions on statistically sound data evidence
  • Why HouseMark Scotland?

    • Our breadth and depth of trusted cost, performance and satisfaction data is unique and unrivalled
    • Benchmarking is quicker, easier and more flexible, but no less sophisticated
    • We analyse your data, making it meaningful to your business and what you need to achieve in the real world
    • The last element of our business intelligence offer covers our Procurement for Housing in Scotland (PfH) service.
    • Why PfH Scotland?

      We can help you:

      • Develop procurement VFM strategies that focus resources on initiatives that are most likely to deliver results.
      • Get a clear picture of what you spend, who you spend it with and what you get for your money.
      • Assess your procurement capability and benchmark against the best
      • Work with suppliers to develop those VFM capabilities needed to deliver outstanding service and tenant experience
      • Implement the forthcoming procurement reform and regulation changes
      • Save money, time and effort by using PfH collaborative frameworks that have been specifically designed for the housing sector
      • PfH Scotland membership is included free of charge in a HouseMark subscription.
      • Social housing is built on values – use HouseMark Scotland and PfH Scotland to demonstrate your values in the right way by doing the right thing.

        Talk to us today to find out what Value we can bring to you.

        Further information

        Visit our website www.housemark.co.uk/scotland call 0131 240 5212 or e-mail: kisrty.wells@housemark.co.uk Follow us on Twitter @Kirsty_Wells

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