Watchdog urges East Dunbartonshire Council to continue progress

Dr Graham Sharp, chair of the Accounts Commission
Dr Graham Sharp, chair of the Accounts Commission

East Dunbartonshire Council has responded positively to previous concerns but needs to maintain momentum, according to the Accounts Commission.

A new report is the third in three years by the local authority watchdog on how East Dunbartonshire is meeting the legal duty on all councils to deliver best value in what they do.

The Commission commended the council for acting upon various areas of concern set out in its findings from December 2016.

According to the new report, improvements have been made in key areas such as leadership of the transformational change programme and in financial management.

However, in other areas it is too early to judge, given the arrival of new councillors and a new administration after the local government election in May this year.

In its findings, the Commission said it is essential that progress since last year is maintained. It will continue to monitor developments through the annual audit.

Graham Sharp, chair of the Accounts Commission, said: “We are encouraged by the council’s positive response to our December 2016 findings.

“But there remains a lot more work to be done to ensure that improvements are sustained in the longer term and we would encourage the council to maintain its momentum.”

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