Wellhouse helps tenants achieve financial gains of over £1m in 2017

Wellhouse income advice serviceIn its continuing drive to tackle poverty and inequality, Wellhouse Housing Association has applied a renewed effort on income advice which has resulted in significant gains for its tenants.

Through its adviser Pamela Bowie, the Association has secured financial gains of over £1 million in 2017 for the people of Wellhouse.

Pamela Bowie
Pamela Bowie

Chair Maureen Morris said: “It is crucially important to Wellhouse HA that we do all we can to help with community resilience as well as providing good quality homes and services, I am delighted to be reporting such a positive news story particularly at a time of the year when people are worried about personal finances.”

Wellhouse Housing Association is a signatory to Easterhouse Housing & Regeneration Alliance’s Charter to Challenge Poverty.

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