West Dunbartonshire Council writes off irrecoverable debts

West Dunbartonshire Council has agreed to write off irrecoverable debts owed to the council after exhausting all avenues for collection.

The money includes uncollectable miscellaneous debt of £64,000 dating back to 2009, which is deemed unreasonable to recover due to the circumstances of each individual.

Last year the council’s committed Corporate Debt team collected 80% of £18.5m of annual miscellaneous debts within the financial year.

Councillor Ian Dickson, chair of corrporate services, said: “The council pursues all outstanding debt through the Corporate Debt Team which takes appropriate action to recover money owed through various means available. This includes using debt management partners to help trace individuals and businesses. We also provide support to anyone struggling to pay with a range of options to assist and only once all avenues have been exhausted is the debt considered for Sheriff Officer involvement.” 

Councillor Iain McLaren, vice chair of corporate services, added: “Our staff work tirelessly to ensure all public monies owed to the council are collected where possible. Some of these debts go back more than 20 years and despite our best efforts, they are now deemed irrecoverable.

“It is the view of officers that these debts will not be recovered and should be written-off. If any new information comes to light, the council will actively pursue this debt.”

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