West Dunbartonshire councillors set rent increase at below rate of inflation

Councillors in West Dunbartonshire have agreed a council house rent increase of below the rate of inflation for 2018/19.

At West Dunbartonshire Council’s budget setting meeting this week, councillors unanimously approved a 2% rent increase following a widespread consultation with tenants.

Tenants were invited to take part in a public consultation on the 2018-19 rent setting and were presented with three options. The options were: a 3% increase; a 2.5% increase; and a 2% increase.

The results of the consultation showed that 53.14% of the 303 respondents opted for the 2% option. The 3% option received 24.75% of the vote and the remaining 21.12% of voters chose the 2.5% increase option.

Following the consultation, a report recommending a 2% increase was presented to councillors for a decision at the council’s budget setting meeting on March 5, where councillors unanimously approved the tenants’ preferred option.

Councillor Diane Docherty, convener of housing & communities, said: “I was delighted with the response to the consultation and I was pleased that Councillors listened to the voice of our tenants when it came to making this important decision. I want to once again thank all of the tenants who took part in the consultation and encourage everyone to have their say in future consultations.”

The consultation process was developed in close consultation with West Dunbartonshire Tenants & Residents Association (WDTRO) and the council will work further with the organisation to improve the process in coming years.

Councillor Iain McLaren, vice convener of housing & communities, added: “We are committed to ensuring our Council homes are of the highest possible standard and this 2% rent increase will help us to continue to do that. Councillors need to know the views of tenants and residents before making decisions that will affect them and we are grateful for the feedback we received before the meeting.”

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