West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership balances books to protect frontline services

The West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership (WDHSCP) said it has protected frontline services in its budget for 2019/20.

The partnership accepted significant funding from both West Dunbartonshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) to ensure it could continue focus on primary care, mental health ‎and community-based services.

West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership balances books to protect frontline services

A total of £67.8 million was invested by the council, while NHSGGC is contributing £91.1m pending approval from the Health Board next month.

Members were told in February that they faced funding gaps in social care of £1.81m but due to the enhanced budget contribution from the council, as well as applying management savings and recommended increases to social care charges, this was reduced to £700,000.

At a special meeting of the WDHSCP Board last week, members agreed to use a portion of the new funding to close that gap, leaving £581,000 for investment in 2019/20.

In health care, a range of contributions mean the funding gap has been closed and £63,000 of funding is available for investment.

Allan Macleod, chair of the WDHSCP, said: “As a partnership we are fully committed to providing effective and efficient health and social care services to the people of West Dunbartonshire.

“We are pleased to be in a position to close the budget gap through prudent financial management and management saving. I would like to thank everyone who helped deliver this budget for their time and effort in protecting the services we provide.”

Councillor Marie McNair, vice chair of WDHSCP, said: “I am delighted to deliver this no cuts budget to our residents - many of whom rely on the services we provide. As a partnership, we have worked hard to deliver a budget which not only protects frontline services but also the jobs of our dedicated staff.”

Beth Culshaw, chief officer of WDHSCP, added: “The services we provide to the people of West Dunbartonshire are vital, and so I am pleased that we have agreed a budget which shows our continued commitment to investing in primary care, mental health ‎and community based services. We are committed to using the investment from West Dunbartonshire Council and NHSGGC to ensure we are working in the most efficient manner we can. While demand is increasing by changing the way in which services are delivered we can continue to meet the needs of our community.”

Members also approved the partnership’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2022, which was completed following extensive consultation with all partners and stakeholders and outlines the partnership’s commitment to service provision going forward.

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