Wheatley encourages Sandyhills residents to raise funds for their community by donating unwanted clothing

Wheatley encourages Sandyhills residents to raise funds for their community by donating unwanted clothing

A partnership between Wheatley Homes Glasgow, part of Wheatley Group, and the Lintel Trust has seen a recycling bank placed at the Sandyhills Larder which lets tenants in the area earn money for their community by donating unwanted clothing.

Residents are being encouraged to recycle instead of throwing items out and filling the banks will see money earned that can be spent on community projects. Funds raised will be available as a small grant when they reach £500 and local people can decide how it should be used.

Lintel Trust have partnered with Clyde Recycling for this initiative, who have over 30 years of industry leading experience in the recycling and distribution of donated clothes and work with some of the UK’s leading charities.

All donated clothing is sorted, labelled, and exported. For every tonne of textiles, Clyde Recycling will donate £220 to Lintel Trust.

Chair of Wheatley Foundation, Professor Paddy Gray OBE, said: “We are pleased to support this initiative and deliver it at our new Community Larder at Sandyhills.

“This is a great example of the ‘circular economy’, helping extend the life of items and helping to further tackle the ‘throw away culture’ in society. As well as the environmental benefits, this will also raise money that will then be spent in the local community.

“We would encourage our customers in Sandyhills to donate any unwanted items they have and play a part in raising funds for community projects in the area.”

Kate Christie, business manager at Lintel Trust, added: “We are delighted that Wheatley is taking part in our Reduce, ReUse and Raise Funds project. Their placement of the Lintel Trust recycling bank at the Sandyhills Larder is a great way to encourage local people to raise money by recycling unwanted textiles. Best of all, the money raised by their own positive recycling action will be invested back into the very same community.

“Thanks to National Lottery Community Funding, we also offer upcycling and fixing/mending workshops courtesy of Rags to Riches to encourage even more environmentally responsible behaviour.’

Community larders, like the one at Sandyhills, is one of a range of wraparound support services supported by Wheatley Group to help tenants, including emergency food supplies, access to furniture as well as free expert welfare benefits and fuel advice. Sandyhills is the second community larder opened thanks to a partnership between Wheatley Homes Glasgow and Good Food Scotland. The first food project launched in Kennishead last year.

Customers pay an annual fee of £12 and buy items based on points, with items heavily discounted and significantly cheaper than supermarkets and high street stores.

The larder includes fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese, bread, baby food, nappies as well as frozen and tinned food.

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