Wheatley launches new community larder

Wheatley launches new community larder

The discounted food store in Glasgow

A new community food larder has been launched in Glasgow to help tenants cope with the cost-of-living crisis.

Wheatley Homes Glasgow, part of Wheatley Group, has teamed up with Good Food Scotland to open the discounted food store in the south of the city.

The Kennishead Larder is based on the ground floor of a Wheatley Homes Glasgow multi-storey in Kennishead Avenue and is open 10am-1pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Customers pay an annual fee of £12, or £1 per month, and buy items based on points, with items heavily discounted and significantly cheaper than supermarkets and high street stores.

The larder includes fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, cheese, bread, baby food, nappies as well as frozen and tinned food. Staff at Wheatley Group also worked with Good Food Scotland to source discounted halal meat to cater for the large Muslim community.

Bernadette Hewitt, tenant chair of Wheatley Homes Glasgow, said: “We’re doing all we can to support our customers in these challenging times and we’re proud to partner with Good Food Scotland to deliver this vital service to the community.

“As well as providing a space for Kennishead Larder, we have pledged £10,000 for Good Food Scotland to buy food for the shop.

“It’s fantastic to see partners in our communities work together to support tenants and make their money go further. If any Wheatley Homes Glasgow tenant is worried about rising bills, or putting food on the table, they should get in touch with us straight away. We’re here to help.”

Wheatley launches new community larder

Cathy McGee wth Bernadette Hewitt

Wheatley Group was approached by Good Food Scotland following the success of a similar larder at Nitshill. Wheatley staff transformed the empty space in the multi-storey and created the new larder.

People living in nearby Carnwadric and Arden are also travelling to Kennishead to use the larder. It is open to everyone, but Good Food Scotland staff can direct people to other community food groups in the city.

Pauline Gilgallon, from Good Food Scotland, added: “We are determined to help residents stretch their budgets further and avoid having to go without food, especially with the cost of living continuing to rise so rapidly.

“Our partnership with Wheatley Group is enabling us to offer that help in the form of affordable food and other essentials, right in the heart of the community.”

Cathy McGee, a Kennishead Larder member and local resident, commented: “The cost-of-living crisis is making it difficult for families, and places like this are needed in communities like ours.

“You might have three or four kids and not a lot of money, but if you come here, you’ll be able to cook two or three meals and not pay as much. My grandkids come and visit me every second weekend, so it is easier and cheaper for me to get the food they like here rather than the supermarket. There is no need to worry about coming in because you’ll always be welcome, and you’ll be amongst people just like you.”

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