Wheatley tenants can get ‘smart’ and help reduce energy bills

Wheatley Group is urging tenants to think ‘smart’ and consider ways that could help reduce the cost of their heating bills.

Wheatley tenants can get ‘smart’ and help reduce energy bills

Tenants of Scotland’s leading housing, care and property-management group are being encouraged to sign up for a smart meter at no extra cost for their home.

Wheatley fuel advisors are talking to customers across Wheatley – which includes GHA, DGHP, Dunedin Canmore, Loretto, WLHP and Lowther – thanks to funding from Smart Energy GB.

Wheatley Group Fuel Advisor James Whitelaw helped a tenant get a smart meter installed and reduce her electricity bill.

Dunedin Canmore tenant Sylvia, from Edinburgh, said: “I can top up without needing a trip to the shops – and I no longer have to worry about sending readings to my supplier. I can also see exactly when and how much energy is being used.

“I would encourage anyone thinking about getting a smart meter installed to get one. They can really help.”

Wheatley’s team of fuel advisors have spoken to nearly 2,000 customers since April this year about the benefits of having a smart meter installed.

Encouraging a move to smart meters is another way Wheatley is driving the green agenda in homes and communities throughout Scotland.

The Group is investing £100m on sustainability initiatives over the next five years as part of its ‘Greener Homes, Greener Lives’ campaign.

Stephen Devine, Wheatley Group director of assets and sustainability, added: “Having a smart meter helps our tenants see in real time what energy is being used and helps them to budget effectively.”

Smart meters help suppliers anticipate energy use, reduce waste, and make the system more efficient to tackle the impact on the environment.

Other benefits for tenants include:

  • Safety – readings are sent automatically to the energy supplier, removing the need to take manual readings in awkward or hard-to-reach locations;
  • Remote access top-ups – credit can be added even if they are not at home;
  • Security – no need for in-person visits to take meter readings, protecting customers from bogus callers.

Christina Panayiotou, Smart Energy GB partnerships marketing manager, said: “We’re excited to be working with Wheatley Group to help spread the message about smart meters and the benefits they could bring to tenants.

“Having a smart meter and in-home display installed could help people understand their energy spending, which is even more crucial as we move into the winter months.”

Customers who are interested should speak to their electricity providers about getting a smart meter installed.

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