Work starts on world-first zero carbon hydrogen-to-homes project in Fife

Work to build the world’s first 100% green hydrogen-to-homes demonstration network in Fife is now underway.

Work starts on world-first zero carbon hydrogen-to-homes project in Fife

Gas network company SGN is working closely with Fife Council to bring H100 Fife to Levenmouth, where hundreds of homes could be powered by hydrogen as early as 2023.

Locals will be the first in the world to heat their homes and cook their food using 100% zero carbon hydrogen, produced through electrolysis powered by an offshore wind turbine, supplied through a new network connected to 300 homes.

Those behind the initiative say they are excited to see how the Fife network develops and believe the approach will speed up the delivery of the Scottish Government’s 2030 and 2045 carbon emissions reductions and ultimately help meet the 2045 net zero target.

Angus Mcintosh, SGN’S director of energy futures, said: “Hydrogen gives customers choice and control in the way they heat their homes and provides a practical, secure and low disruption pathway to net zero.

“It has the potential to deliver powerful macroeconomic benefits and help Scotland be a global leader in the development of a hydrogen economy.

“By offering a significant opportunity for the substantial decarbonisation of Scottish industrial, domestic and commercial gas customers, we can pave the way for the creation of a hydrogen economy in Scotland.

“This would provide a route to market for hydrogen production and the use of hydrogen in other sectors such as transport and power generation.

“We’re looking forward to continue working with the Scottish Government in the coming months to demonstrate the role hydrogen can play in helping meet the needs of customers.”

Work starts on world-first zero carbon hydrogen-to-homes project in Fife

Eligible households, including local Fife Council tenants, will be invited to participate in H100 Fife.

Householders in the network area can choose to participate by opting-in for a hydrogen supply, or alternatively can choose to remain with their existing natural gas supply.

SGN’s demonstration facility will allow potential customers to see and experience hydrogen appliances in a home-like environment – fitted with hydrogen cooking appliances and boilers – to help inform their decision.

Local people will also be invited to various project engagement events, including visits to the hydrogen demonstration facility in 2022, ahead of the hydrogen gas network going live in 2023.

The first 300 customers joining the project will receive a free hydrogen connection, free replacement hydrogen appliances and free maintenance over the length of the project.

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