WWHC freezes energy prices for 44th consecutive month

West Whitlawburn Housing coopWest Whitlawburn Housing Co-operative (WWHC) is to freeze energy costs for tenants connected to its District Heating System until March 2018.

The announcement means WWHC has frozen prices for the 44th consecutive month since it began being the heat and hot water supplier in 2014.

It comes at a time when big energy suppliers have announced the undernoted average price for their energy supply is to increase up to 15%.

WWHC said: “Government figures show we are now saving each tenant using the system a considerable sum, on average, on energy costs compared to the old electric white meter/panel heater system.

“Although the project had some initial teething problems we are now delighted with the very high levels of tenant satisfaction with the system and the considerable savings to our tenants as a result of WWHC supplying heat and hot water on a not- for – profit basis.”

Chairperson Susan Anderson said: “We are delighted to announce we are once again continuing our price-freeze on energy supplies to our 530 tenants/members, who are part of our district heating scheme, for the next year.

“People said we were brave when we took this project on, however we were convinced we could provide a state-of-the art heating system and supply energy at a considerable cost saving to our tenants. Given the price rises by other providers, we have been proven correct.”

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