Understanding buildings and managing repairs (City & Guilds Accredited Programme)

Who is it for and what is it about?

This programme has been designed specifically for non-technical staff involved in customer relations and repairs ordering including administrative staff, receptionists, repairs centre staff, housing assistants, officers, and customer service staff. It is also helpful for those managing staff who have repairs reporting responsibilities.

The training programme aims to provide delegates with the knowledge and understanding of how buildings are constructed, recognise common maintenance problems and develop the skills needed to successfully manage the administration of reporting building repairs.

It consists of five modules which can be taken together or as standalone one-day courses. After attending the five modules delegates can take the assessment. On successful completion delegates receive a certificate for the programme. The five modules have to be completed within a 12 month period.

Course Modules

Building Construction – Gain a basic knowledge of building construction covering foundations, walls and roofs and associated common maintenance problems.

Damp and Condensation in buildings – Examine the causes, effects and remedies for damp, condensation, rot and infestation in buildings.

Heating Lighting and Power – Acquire a basic knowledge of how electrical heating and lighting systems work in domestic properties and the common problems that are reported.

Plumbing and drainage – Understand the water supply, distribution, drainage and waste systems in houses including gas heating and associated problems.

Building maintenance and reporting repairs – Review the common problems reported for domestic properties, understanding legal & regulatory obligations to classify, record and communicate these accurately for repair and maintenance.

Assessment for the Course 

Once you have completed the five modules that make up the programme there will be a 2½ hour assessment. This will cover all the key topics from the five modules. The questions will be similar to those used in the classroom exercises for each module and will include 10 multiple choice and 26 short answer questions. Preparation for the assessment will be discussed in more detail during the fifth module –Building Maintenance & Reporting Repairs.

Dates: 7th May to 15th October 2024

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Trainer: Owen McMillan

Costs: Share Members £1,200.00/Non-Member £1,600.00

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