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With Scot­land and the rest of the UK con­tin­u­ally miss­ing house­build­ing tar­gets, Fraser Mitchell, part­ner in Shep­herd and Wed­der­burn's Prop­erty and In­fra­struc­ture team, asks: what are the road­blocks to build­ing?

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Shepherd and Wedderburn’s Michael Henderson issues a guide for landlords on managing relationships with tenants during the current crisis. Landlords and tenants alike are under extreme pressure to maintain their obligations under commercial lease terms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Restriction

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Neil Casey at Shepherd and Wedderburn guides landlords through the emergency changes to housing legislation in Scotland. The Scottish Government has passed the Coronavirus (Scotland) Bill, which will now become law. These emergency provisions are due to expire on 30 September 2020, although minister

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(from left) Back row: Lauren Miller, Lesley Wilkinson, Ed Cochrane and Aman Durrani. Front row: Ben Benjamin and Jill Stavert Wheatley Group joined forces with law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn to mark World Mental Health Day with a discussion on how workplaces can become more supportive and inclusiv

1-8 of 8 Articles