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Kai Jackson, an associate at tenant engagement expert TPAS, discusses a new study designed to understand the barriers faced by people from ethnic minority backgrounds. The study aims to promote fair and inclusive services, exploring ways to improve the participation of tenants from ethnic minority

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(from left) Fiona Holt, session worker; George Meechan, Animation/Futures client; Megan Appleton, session worker; Iona Summerton, project worker Gowrie Care’s Dundee Futures team walked away winners at the TPAS National Good Practice Awards on Friday.

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A campaign which is sponsored by seventeen housing organisations in England and supported by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) has sought to challenge negative perceptions that impact upon social housing tenants and launched a new guide for people in the media. Fair Press for Tenants seeks to

1-3 of 3 Articles