Approval granted for new homes in Dundee

Dundee City Council has approved plans to build eight new homes on brownfield land in Dundee.

Amar Okhai will build the set of eight three-bedroom homes on land at the corner of Buttars Loan and Broomlee Road between Charleston and Pitalpin.

The development will see four new homes built facing away from Buttars Loan to the east and four facing away from South Road looking north.

Each of the new houses will have a driveway and a small inlet will be built off of Broomlea road to allow access to some of the new houses.

Dundee City Council has approved the plans despite an objection from the Dundee Cycling Forum over a lack of bike storage in the development plans, which is now a requirement for some types of developments.

Council officers have attached a number of conditions to their approval for the development, such as the inclusion of cycle storage for those buying the houses, to satisfy the objectors and other planning concerns.

Mr Okhai, who runs developer Green Pads Ltd, said the conditions were “workable” and were unlikely to delay the commencement of work on-site sometime this summer.

He said: “It’s been a lengthy process but we’re glad to be at this point. We will now work with the design team to bring it to building warrant (construction) stage.

“Once we’ve liaised with the local authority and see how things are shaping up we can start marketing the site. I’m hoping we can get off the ground in June or July.”

Mr Okhai previously said that he intended to sell the homes for £190,000-200,000 each.

Mr Okahi told the Evening Telegraph last year: “Dundee is a nice place to live and is a really nice part of the world. There are not many cities with such a beautiful outlook as Dundee.

“People need more space now and that’s why our homes are designed that way and to be affordable. That’s why we are anticipating putting the homes on the market for anything between £190,000 and £200,000 to try to appeal to first-time buyers and people with young families.”

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