Scottish Natural Heritage announces social housing research

Aerial_completion (3)To celebrate yesterday’s World Habitat Day, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has commissioned research into the opportunities for green infrastructure within social housing projects as part of a wider drive to encourage greater access to green spaces.

According to new SNH chief executive, Francesca Osowska, everyone in Scotland should be able to access nature on their doorstep.

The Steering Group for the Social Housing and Green Infrastructure research project includes representatives from Scottish Government, the Central Scotland Green Network Trust, the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network Partnership and Architecture and Design Scotland.

The theme for the United Nations’ World Habitat Day, is Housing Policies: Affordable Homes. SNH’s ambition is that everyone should have easy access to good quality green space and opportunities to experience nature close to where they live, which supports the national indicator on access to local green space.

Green space and access to nature is beneficial for individuals, communities and society at large. There is also a growing recognition that access to nature can bring a range of health benefits.

The research, which will be published in April 2018, will review existing practice and research opportunities for green infrastructure to the residents of social housing and the wider community.

Francesca Osowska said: “Social housing providers account for around a quarter of new build homes in Scotland each year, and the Scottish Government has committed £3 billion over the lifetime of this parliament to deliver 50,000 affordable homes, including 35,000 social homes.

“Much of SNH’s work is focused on ensuring that everyone is able to participate in and engage with nature in ways that enrich our lives. The recommendations in the report will be used to inform and support future work.

“It is our vision that nature should be accessible to all, and by continuing our work with a wide variety of individuals, businesses, the voluntary and other public sector bodies, we will continue to achieve results for Scotland’s nature and people.”

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