102-year-old Glaswegian shares secrets to long life

A Glasgow pensioner has revealed her biggest secrets to a long and happy life, after reaching the ripe old age of 102.

Bield tenant Jean Revie, who celebrated her birthday earlier this month, believes that a can-do attitude teamed with laughter and friendship are the main ingredients to hitting the century mark.

The Carntyne Gardens resident, who formally had a career in sales spanning 20 years, also attributes her long life to her healthy habits and appreciation of the little things.

Jean said: “This year I had a low-key birthday. No party – just spending time with my children and grandchildren, and having a lovely meal.

“You really learn to appreciate the important things in life as you get older. I sadly lost my two husbands and my son, so you do learn to cherish what you have.

“It is also important to keep busy and look after yourself. In my spare time I do a lot of reading which keeps me on the ball, and every day I make sure to have fruit with my breakfast.

“My mother owned a fruit shop so from a young age I have always had fruit in my diet. I believe it really makes a difference.

“However, for me the secret to long life is just speaking to other people. Getting up, moving about and meeting with people. Having conversations is what keeps me sharp and feeling young.”

A number of years ago Jean’s mobility was reduced by a stroke, however since being provided with an electric wheelchair, she has been taking herself on walks around the development and sitting outside in the fresh air.

When she isn’t soaking up the sun, Jean regularly attends weekly events provided by Bield for tenants to get together, socialise and have a bit of fun.

Jean added: “I have good people looking after me here, the staff at Carntyne Gardens and, of course, my family.

“I always go to the bingo nights held every Monday and Friday to mingle and chat with the other tenants.

“These events are very sociable things, and even the lunches are a good time to chat to people.

“My family also come and see me twice a week. My three children and their children often visit so I always have people close to speak with.

“I just take life as it comes and make sure I’m able for it. I don’t just sit about waiting. I consider myself very lucky.”

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