Bield Response 24 achieves monitoring service accreditation

BieldCare and housing provider Bield is celebrating news that their 24 hour emergency alarm receiving centre - has received its 10th annual accreditation from a leading telecare body.

The Telecare Services Association (TSA) has awarded Bield Response 24, also known as ‘BR24’, with the accreditation after a maintenance audit was carried out.

This audit, which is a precursor for a full audit which is due to take place next year, aims to ensure that the telecare service offered not just to Bield tenants but to 62 other housing associations across Scotland is in keeping with the TSA’s Code of Practice.

BR24 handles around 55,000 calls a month, providing a direct point of contact for people in their own homes or grouped housing developments to highlight any concerns regarding their safety and well-being.

The TSA’s audit looks to assess BR24’s services to ensure Emergency Call Advisors are maintaining a high standard of service to those who rely on the 24 hour call centre.

The formal accreditation is the 10th one in a row from the TSA and BR24 staff have seen the audit as invaluable in helping them to maintain standards and assist in preparations for next year’s full audit.

Accreditation from the TSA not only monitors high standards but has also been acknowledged as providing reassurance and confidence to those who use the service.

Sharon Ewen, manager of BR24, said: “We are delighted to have received re-accreditation once again from the TSA.

“We view the TSA as a key industry body in ensuring that high standards remain in place with telecare services.

“The annual audit took a full day and gave staff a great opportunity to learn from the process, explore & prepare for next year’s full audit.

“The audits are a great way to gather national feedback from the TSA on how other service provider’s work and to share good practice ideas to enhance service delivery.

“We actually found that one organisation has call handlers self-assessing by way of quality their own emergency alarm calls. This has proved to have a very positive impact on improving customer services from within and is one idea we may explore next year.

“At Bield, we live by a ‘Free to Be’ philosophy whereby we encourage our tenants to live life independently however, at BR24 we view it as incredibly important to be available 24/7 when tenants and those who use our services need our help.”

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