53 new social housing homes for Hamilton

53 new social housing homes for Hamilton

Councillors have given the go-ahead for a development of 53 new social housing homes for Hamilton despite traffic-related concerns.

The proposal is made up of 37 houses and 16 flats and located on Meikle Earnock Road. Worries over the lack of public transport and traffic disruption were raised by residents, as the plans will lead to road changes, landscaping, and increase footfall in the area.

Councillor David Shearer questioned the public transport situation for the new development, and councillor Mary Donnelly highlighted concerns on the increase in traffic.

Mr Shearer said: “I’d just like to ask if any thought has been put into public transport from this site into the town centre?”

Council officers confirmed that traffic considerations had been thought about. Meikle Earnock Road, has been constructed with bus infrastructure and it is anticipated that some local services will be extended closer to the site, The Daily Record reports.

Ms Donnelly said: “I’m just mindful about the road up there. We already had discussions with the roads department and the community council have raised real problems with the amount of footfall and cars up there.

“So I would support David’s point on public transport going forward but to also be mindful that the community council has been in conversations with us in regards to some of the issues that they’ve had.”

Councillor Helen Toner welcomed the development plans but also expressed worry over disruption from construction traffic. She said: “I actually know the area well, it’s just in my ward, there are a lot of problems with the development up there.

“I really welcome the fact that it is social housing because we absolutely need more social houses so that’s absolutely fantastic. However the road is exceptionally busy because there’s development all the way down that road.

“I’m mindful of the properties that are further towards the Muttonhole Road, they’re having quite significant disruption to their lives with the lorries coming up and down to the sites further down, and I’m just concerned that while we really want the social housing and while it’s great to see all the development up there, theres not alot of consideration taken for the people that are already there and further down the road.”

Addressing these concerns, council officers are reportedly looking at how to monitor and ease the impact on existing residents effectively and reduce any potential disruption.

After all concerns were noted and responded to, council officers recommended the development be given the go-ahead as it creates high-quality housing which will provide affordable accommodation.

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