A poem a day keeps the doctor away, says 101-year-old Bield tenant

George BieldA Bield tenant at a Very Sheltered Housing development in Glasgow has revealed the secret to a long life as he reaches his 101st birthday.

George Mulveny, who was born and bred in Glasgow, believes staying mentally alert by writing creative poems is what’s helped him reach this milestone.

The former plumber merchant has become well known within the community for his witty rhymes and even keeps a copy of his masterpieces to ensure he never uses the same one twice.

The novice poet, who takes inspiration from Robert Burns, recently celebrated his 101st birthday at Carntyne Gardens with a party attended by family, close friends and staff.

George’s son, who is also called George, said: “My dad thoroughly enjoys writing poems – he swears that staying mentally active by writing is what has helped him keep in good health.

“He is especially fond of writing poems for people on their birthdays. He has become somewhat of a legend in the area and many people look forward to receiving unique cards from him.”

George Bield 2George developed his love for poetry when he attended Wellpark Primary School in Glasgow. He left school at the age of 14 and worked until the age of 78 - however he refused to let his passion for poetry die.

George’s son added: “He has always admired the work of Robert Burns, in fact he can still recite many of his poems from memory.

“My father has many other hobbies including bowling and frequently plays carpet bowls in High Carntyne Church. He strongly believes that keeping active in body as well as mind is how to live a long, healthy and happy life.”

Born in 1914 George married wife Peggy in 1941, who sadly passed away in 2008. George has one son and is now grandfather of three and great-grandfather of four.

Having joined The Boys’ Brigade at the age of eight in the 94th, he went on to become an Officer and Captain of the 280th.

From 1960 George has been an Officer in the 284th and still remains a Reserve Officer. Having learned several valuable skills, such as First Aid, George continues to teach his skills to those who he meets today.

George said: “I am delighted to have reached 101 years of age and I greatly enjoyed my birthday celebrations. I had a brilliant time surrounded by people who mean the world to me.”

Ann Butler, manager at the development, where George has lived for the last five years, added: “George is a fantastic man and it has been such a pleasure having him at Carntyne Gardens.

“George’s wonderful age is certainly a cause for great celebration at Carntyne Gardens.

“At Bield, there is nothing better than seeing our tenants live long and happy lives and to share experiences like these with them makes our job so worthwhile.

“I would like to wish George a very happy birthday.”

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