A quarter of renters in Scotland say they have a slum landlord

A quarter of tenants that rent in Scotland have described their current renting conditions as a “nightmare”, higher than anywhere else in the UK, according to new research.

A study by Help-Link.co.uk in partnership with property expert Paul Shamplina explored the renting market within Scotland, highlighting the main issues current landlords and tenants face.

Last year, Citizens Advice reported that rogue landlords were raking in £5.6 billion in rent payments each year for unsafe homes that did not meet legal standards set out by the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

This includes category 1 hazards such as severe damp, rat infestations and even risk of explosion. The report also reveals a whopping 740,000 households in the UK presented a “severe threat to tenants’ health”.

Help-Link’s recent landlord study discovered that damp is the largest issue within these ‘nightmare’ households, as 41 per cent are currently living with this.

The Citizens Advice report highlights that those living with a category 1 hazard like this were paying an average of £157 per week in rent. Because of this, more than 1 in 3 (34 per cent) tenants who are in conflict with their landlords labelled their homes as bad value for money.

tenants in conflict tableScotland has the highest amount tenants in conflict with their landlords for poor quality housing

hazardous homes tableThis table reveals the worst areas to live for hazardous homes

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