A simple fish supper lift spirits at Bield retirement development

A South Ayrshire retirement housing development were treated to a fish and chip delivery to lift their spirits amid the coronavirus pandemic.

A simple fish supper lift spirits at Bield retirement development

Carrick Gardens

The social committee at Bield’s Carrick Gardens in Ayr decided to organise a mass takeaway delivery for 26 people from local restaurant ‘Fish Plus Chips’.

Nicola Hogg, manager at Carrick Gardens, said: “It’s such a nice idea to keep everyone connected at a time when they can’t physically interact with one another. Some people at Carrick Gardens are over 75 and have had very little contact with the outside world since Covid-19 started, so the development is looking at doing little things to keep the spirits and moral high during a challenging time.

“The fish and chips were delivered to the development and a member of the committee picked it up and took it to the door of each household, then played a sort of ‘chap door run’ situation to ensure no contact was made.

“Our social committee normally have lots of activities planned for throughout the week to keep themselves and others busy and connected, however these have obviously had to be paused in light of everything going on in the world, so it is nice our committee members are looking at other ways to bring some light and happiness.

“Everyone was delighted by the kind gesture and enjoyed it so much. In fact they have already arranged to do it again this weekend!”

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