Appeal to convert Castlemilk care home into asylum housing rejected

An appeal to overturn a decision which rejected plans to convert a former Castlemilk care home into temporary asylum seeker accommodation has been refused.

Appeal to convert Castlemilk care home into asylum housing rejected

Glasgow City Council’s planning local review committee rejected the application because the applicant Mack Residential intended to house 200 people within the space which previously only housed 88.

The initial plans submitted to transform old Tornbrae Care Home on Bogany Terrace were denied in June 2019.

The company, which has taken the appeal to the Scottish Government, said that no interest has been shown in the site since 2014 when the care home closed, the Glasgow Times reports.

The location would have been used to house asylum seekers for two-three weeks while their asylum status is determined. However, Glasgow councillors felt that the health and wellbeing of asylum seekers was more important than implementing this system.

Councillor Anne McTaggart said: “Some of the most vulnerable people in our city will need to use a service like this and they will require specific support.

“They will be experiencing trauma, PTSD and extreme stress. When the care home operated with 88 residents it was very chaotic.”

Members of the council concurred that it was not appropriate to house a large group of people in one area.

Councillor Cecilia O’Lone added: “This is an emotional subject and it is about raising our housing standards. We would not accept this normally.”

After discussions, councillors agreed that the decision made by their colleagues had been the right one and that it should be upheld.

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