Argyll and Bute Local Housing Strategy submitted for approval

Argyll and ButeA document which sets out Argyll and Bute Council’s shared vision and investment priorities for the area’s housing sector over the next five years has been submitted to the Scottish Government for ministerial approval.

The Local Housing Strategy was developed in partnership with the Scottish Government, registered social landlords, Fyne Homes, West Highland Housing Association, Dunbritton Housing Association and Argyll Community Housing Association and other key stakeholders.

It reflects extensive stakeholder engagement and public consultation over the last couple of years, and builds on the positive achievements of the previous Local Housing Strategy for 2011-2016.

Councillor Robin Currie, the council’s policy lead for housing, said: “This milestone in strategic planning is the result of an ongoing and very productive collaborative process between the council and its partners.

“Good quality housing, along with appropriate housing support and related services, has a vital role to play in the social and economic well-being of Argyll and Bute, and the council’s new housing vision for the next five years seeks to recognise this.

“That vision – ‘delivering a housing system that makes a strong contribution to thriving and sustainable communities and economic growth’ – is one which we and our partners are committed to achieving and something I am confident that all other relevant agencies will buy into and work towards.”

The main aims of the housing strategy are to ensure that:

  • People can access sufficient, suitable and affordable housing
  • People can access an effective, personalised housing options service to meet their housing need
  • People are enabled to live independently in their own homes; and
  • Communities are regenerated by improving the quality, condition and energy efficiency of housing
  • Councillor Currie said: “Despite very positive progress over the last five years, we clearly still have some very significant issues to tackle, so it is vital that we have an appropriate strategic document to guide us through the next five years.

    “This strategy is based on a comprehensive assessment of housing needs and demand across Argyll and Bute. This process continues over the life of the new strategy. I would encourage local communities and individuals to engage in this by looking at the strategy and providing feedback.

    “All the feedback we receive will be fed into the process and will help to influence the ongoing implementation and annual updates of the strategy, and therefore the direction of future housing activity and housing investment in Argyll and Bute.”

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