Bield chairman vows to keep people at the heart of the organisation

Gerry O'Sullivan
Gerry O’Sullivan

The chairman of care and support services provider for older people Bield has vowed the organisation will continue to ensure people who use its services are at the heart of its future decision making processes.

Gerry O’Sullivan said the last year was very successful in implementing new plans and strengthening the core services of the organisation – helped greatly by the involvement of tenants and residents.

He added: “One of Bield’s great strengths is that it is a learning organisation and through the process of implementation we have continued to make refinements to the service, most importantly going to a much greater effort to involve and engage tenants and residents in what we do.

“The board approved a new Tenant Engagement Strategy earlier in 2015, following extensive discussion with the Partnership Forum.

“As part of the Tenant Engagement Strategy, a scrutiny body will be set up which will look in some depth at key areas of performance from a tenant perspective and recommend improvements.

“This is a real opportunity for tenants, who are effectively the ‘customers’, to shape the services Bield provide.

“Feedback from our customers is crucial. That’s why we want continue to develop our Tenant Engagement Strategy through the partnership forum.

“This will ensure we continue to improve our communication at a local level and truly take account of tenants and customers’ views when we make decisions.”

Bield is dedicated to providing quality care which will enhance and enrich the lives of older people in Scotland in line with it’s ‘Free to Be’ philosophy which lets people make their own choices about how they live their lives whilst being there to offer support if needed.

Bield's AGM
Bield’s AGM

Gerry, who was speaking at the AGM of Bield in Edinburgh, added this would not be possible without the hard work of Bield’s employees.

Gerry said: “The dedication of our staff never fails to amaze both myself and Bield Chief Executive, Brian Logan.

“None of what we do at Bield could be achieved without the hard work, dedication and professionalism of our staff at all levels.

“Every ounce of effort that goes in day in and day out is much appreciated by my colleagues on the Board. We are fortunate to have many so many good people working for Bield.

“Every time we visit a development or care service we leave full of admiration, and with a real sense of pride having witnessed what the work means to our tenants and service users.”


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