Bield fundraiser helps give tenant more freedom

George McCallum
George McCallum

Staff at a very sheltered housing development in Edinburgh have raised more than £1000 to provide an oxygen concentrator for a tenant to enable him to keep his freedom.

The staff from Bield’s Castlebrae Glebe raised the money to buy a portable oxygen tank for George McCallum by organising a Karaoke Disco fundraiser in the local Craigmillar Hearts Community Club.

The event, which included a mini karaoke competition, raffle and last man standing bingo, was open to both tenants of Castlebrae Glebe and the local community, with around 80 people attending.

Sharon Tomany, development manager, said: “We decided to hold the fundraiser so that George can enjoy quality time outdoors without having to take a bulky concentrator with him.

“The £1,270 raised for the new oxygen concentrator allows George the freedom to do what he wants without being restricted.

“Since obtaining the equipment George has been able to spend more time outdoors and has allowed him to go on holiday with his family this summer.”

George suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which restricts his breathing, however the new oxygen concentrator runs on battery giving him the opportunity to get out and about more often.

Sharon said: “We are so pleased we were able to help George out, he is a great man and this new oxygen concentrator will really help enrich his life by giving him much more freedom.

“The fundraiser was a huge success. Everyone loved the karaoke, especially the mini karaoke competition which eight people entered. It was great fun.”


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