Bield pensioners catch up on lost time thanks to community donation

A Bield housing development is restarting its art and recreation activities thanks to a £1000 donation from a local community group.

Bield pensioners catch up on lost time thanks to community donation

Craigmillar Castle Regeneration Group (CCRG) made the generous donation to Bield’s Castlebrae Glebe in Edinburgh which will go toward funding game nights, parties and a host of entertainment performances.

Customers have already enjoyed a performance from local singer, Leona Rae with further events lined up driven by internal interests.

Sharon Tomany, development manager at Castlebrae Glebe, said: “The donation has allowed us to relaunch activities that we all enjoy planning and hosting.

“It has already made a positive impact on the well-being and happiness of our customers, and we know this will continue as social interaction is something we have all missed.”

After a prolonged period of shielding, the development staff and customers are eager to socialise again and get creative with their events.

The donation will allow leisurely activities to be hosted including; entertainment hire, arts and crafts workshops, bingo evenings and themed nights such as Halloween parties.

Ms Tomany added: “We were delighted to hear of the donation and feel extremely grateful. It’s made everyone feel very hopeful and excited for what the rest of the year has to offer.”

The donation is part of the Craigmillar Castle Regeneration Group (CCRG) agreement between the Scottish Government, City of Edinburgh Council and RSL developers whereby the profit made from the houses built contributed to a community fund – amounting to £150,000.

Since then, the CCRG has used the fund to make annual donations to local schools, football clubs, local organisations and more.

Susan Carr, a member of the Craigmillar Neighbourhood Alliance, commented: “Castlebrae Glebe has been a part of this community for as long as I can remember.

“We have had the honour to offer support each year to the people of this area for a long time and now in the final year of the fund we wanted to make sure no one was left behind.”

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