Bield receives COVID-19 testing kits from Scottish Government

Bield receives COVID-19 testing kits from Scottish Government

Dr Lynne Douglas

Bield has received COVID-19 testing kits from the Scottish Government which will provide results within 30 minutes.

The housing and care provider has been sent Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) kits to all of its manned developments across the country in its bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Documents have been shared with staff members on how to conduct the test safely, as well as an instructional video demonstrating how the test should be applied.

Bield staff will also complete a multiple-choice questionnaire following each members’ first use of LFT.

Dr Lynne Douglas, chief executive of Bield, said: “This is a significant step in the fight against Covid-19. Throughout the pandemic, staff have continually gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of our customers, and themselves is paramount, the introduction of LFT will heighten our protection level.

“We hope the LFT programme will provide some clarity and reassurance for not just staff, but for our customers and their families. All staff are being urged to take the test twice a week at the development to safeguard themselves and others.”

Development managers have been instructed to supervise the first batch of tests of every employee to ensure the process is carried out correctly. NHS training webinars have also been made available for staff.

The LFT kit contains a packaged sterilised swab, an extraction tube, a test cartridge, an extraction buffer bottle as well as an instruction leaflet and a foil pouch.

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