Bield tenants become computer wizards thanks to local pupils

Tenants at a retirement housing development in Bo’ness have seen their IT skills flourish thanks to the creation of an internet café by pupils at a local school.

Eleven school pupils from Bo’ness Academy have been attending Bield’s Dean Court development to help share their computer skills with tenants, bringing along laptops, tablets and mobile phones in a bid to enhance their IT knowledge.

Sitting at tables, the teens and tenants have one-to-one sessions, where the older generation can learn from those who have grown up in the technological revolution.

Alison Lowe, development manager at Bield’s Dean Court development, said: ‘Having the pupils here has been brilliant for everyone at the development, they come down from school and immediately get involved with the tenants.

“It has been amazing to see them all working together, particularly in watching the confidence of the tenants using computer equipment grow.

“While the pupils teach, the tenants ask questions and talk to one another creating a really nice environment at the development - there’s a huge social aspect to the internet café.”

From shopping on the internet, to connecting with loved ones via social media, the IT sessions have provided a huge benefit to the development in both the skills they have provided tenants, but also in the socialising with younger members of the community.

Alison continued: “The pupils seem to love coming round to pass on their skills and also really enjoy hearing the stories the tenants have to tell, everyone benefits from it.

“The tenants are so eager to learn and with every new thing they master they want to know more. The internet café sessions are something the tenants look forward to every Monday morning.”

The computer classes will finish at Dean Court on March 26, with scope to return in October with a host of new pupils.

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