Bield tenants celebrate Bo’ness Festival

Residents at Bield’s Dean Court in Bo’ness had a party in the company of kids from Kinneil School Nursery on Thursday to celebrate the Fair ‘een

It was celebrations all round last week as tenants at a Bo’ness housing development enjoyed a host of events honouring this year’s Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival.

Tenants at Bield’s Dean Court got into the festival spirit as they hosted a party and traditional outfit showing ahead of the Friday fair day.

On June 24, tenants hosted a showing of Children’s Fair Day outfits with an attendance of over 70 people.

Outfits were displayed amongst family and friends, with a buffet provided for all those involved.

Attendees on the day included tenants Mr and Mrs Burns - a Presentee and a flower girl in 1953 - and their granddaughter, Ella, who was a Bower girl in this year’s festival.

On June 28, Dean Court also held a party in the communal area of the development, treating tenants to an afternoon of food, music and games.

Alison Lowe, manager at Dean Court, said: “With the majority of tenants having lived in Bo’ness all their lives, everyone wants to celebrate the day.

“Our tenants had a fantastic time at the party – it’s always nice to be able to put on an event and have a bit of fun.

“We just thought it was a nice idea to have a day before the fair to get the tenants together and celebrate as a community in Dean Court.”

Children from Kinneil Nursery, who have been visiting the tenants for several months, also attended the party.

Alison added: “The residents have a strong bond with the children and their relationships really made a huge difference to their day.

“The whole sense of community is amazing.”

Dean Court tenant Margaret Meikle is also no stranger to the Bo’ness celebration, having taken on the role of Queen of the Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival in 1955 and meeting both the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh later that year.

She also had the honour of being presented to Princess Diana in later years during a spell volunteering for Barnardo’s.

Margaret, who attended the showing of the outfits on June 24 alongside Mr and Mrs Burns, said: “I always really look forward to the fair, I love seeing all the children dressed up.

“I still have my dress from when I was Queen, I just wouldn’t throw it away as it means too much.”

On the last Friday in June, the community of Bo’ness comes together every year to celebrate the Children’s Fair Festival.

The festival, which dates back to the 17th century, honours the period where miners were allowed their one day holiday for the year.

Traditions started by the miners still exist to this day. These include building arches, crowning ceremonies and processions throughout the streets of Bo’ness.

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