Bield tenants ‘fork-lift’ a glass to 50 happy years

Mary and Jack
Mary and Jack

A happily married couple have celebrated their golden anniversary after 50 loving years together after first meeting at their job driving forklifts.

Mary and Jack Wilson, who live at Bield’s Brae Court very sheltered housing development in Linlithgow, went out for a romantic meal for two on the big night, after receiving gifts and flowers from friends, family and well-wishers.

Meeting at Whitecross Brickwork, where both Mary and Jack were working at the time, couldn’t have been more appropriate as the couple have since gone on to build a foundation on which to spend many happy years together.

Mary said: “I don’t know if there’s any secret to having a long marriage, we’re just a really happy couple who’ve never fought and very rarely argue.

“Jack and I are so well suited that I don’t think there needs to be any tips or tricks, just try to be with the one you love.”

Working in different departments of the Brickwork, Mary was first introduced to Jack when one of their colleagues told her that ‘someone fancies you’ to which she insisted that any suitor would have to pluck up the courage to ask her out in person.

Needless to say Jack stepped up to the plate and they made a trip to the pictures in Falkirk, where they lived, to see a film.

Mary added: “I remember Jack taking me out and he’d brought me a box of Black Magic.

“That’s the last I saw of any chocolates, I can tell you.”

Mary and Jack’s son, who organised a surprise party for his dad’s 80th last year, was looking to do something similar this year but his parents insisted on a more low-key event this year.

Rena Kirton-Vaughan, manager at Brae Court, said: “Jack and Mary are a fantastic part of the community here at Brae Court.

“Jack’s Linlithgow born and bred, and Mary is our resident social butterfly, getting involved in everything she can. The other tenants and staff showered them with flowers and gifts, and that just goes to show how much we love having them here.”

The golden couple are looking forward to many more years together in their flat at Brae Court living out Bield’s ‘Free to Be’ philosophy, making their own choices and living independently.

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