Bield tenants go to top of class with kids charity effort

mary's meals bag packing project july 2015Tenants of Bield’s retirement housing development in Dunbar have been doing their bit for charity by donating gifts to underprivileged children in Malawi.

The Southfield Court development began their charity work after hearing of ‘Mary’s Meals’, an organisation which looks to assist with the development of children’s education in third world countries.

Having already filled 30 school bags with everything from jotters and pencils to clean, good quality clothes for the kids back in March, tenants at the development were keen to get involved in the project again – and once more have collected 30 bags.

Kate Donohoe, retirement manager at the development, said: “The tenants recognise education is invaluable and have admired the charity’s desire to ensure children get one hot meal a day when in school.

“It has been absolutely wonderful to see our tenants pull together and do something so remarkable for the charity.

“It has taken around four months for us to fill another 30 bags but the end result has been absolutely priceless and it has been incredibly rewarding for everyone at the development.

“At Bield, we like to encourage tenants to live independently by our ‘free to be’ ethos and this project has been a fantastic example of our tenants doing exactly this and something which is important to them.”

The project has also given tenants the chance to engage further with the local community.

Kate said: “From seeing our involvement in the charity, the town library have been in contact and want to help out also.

“It’s great that the tenants have been able to raise awareness like that for such an important cause, and it’s such a positive thing that they are engaging more with the local community.

“Being involved in charity work like this really helps enhance and enrich the lives of tenants so we are hoping to be involved in similar projects in the future.”


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