Bield values volunteers in Dundee

Bield bench imageHousing and care provider Bield is highlighting the important role that volunteers can play in assisting older people to enjoy happy and fulfilled lives.

With several developments in Dundee, Bield has launched an appeal to find friendly and enthusiastic volunteers to help out with a range of volunteer work such as social activities assistants, befrienders and tech savvy volunteers for its Silver Surfer Project.

Implementing programmes of social activities have proven to be a huge success, as they allow tenants to enjoy the opportunity to interact and socialise with others in their development and community.

Bield’s volunteer social activity assistants are vital to ensuring the smooth running of social events organised by a development, such as games afternoons, bingo nights, gardening clubs and DVD afternoons. Volunteer befrienders are key to combating tenant isolation as they provide one-on-one companionship for a tenant over coffees, walks or any other activity.

Befrienders also boost the confidence of tenants by accompanying them to various social events, encouraging them to interact and socialise with others in their development or wider community.

Jeni Sinclair, volunteer development worker for Bield, said: “Our befrienders and social activity assistants are an integral part of our volunteering scheme as both roles encourage tenants to get out and about and meet new people, which we believe is very important.”

Another popular feature for tenants is Bield’s Silver Surfer Tutors – a project that teaches tenants how to use modern technology, such as iPads and PC’s, allowing them to keep up with friends and family, as well as surf the net at their leisure.

Jeni said of the Silver Surfer project: “This project is incredibly important as it opens up a whole new digital world for our tenants.

“We look to ensure our Silver Surfer Tutors work at the pace of the tenant meaning that they can learn at a speed that is comfortable for them.

“Silver Surfer Tutors are great because they teach tenants how to do so many new and exciting things such as surfing the net, buying groceries online and how to email and Skype friends and family.”

The care and housing provider is looking to recruit volunteers across six of its developments throughout Dundee, including in the areas of Douglasfield, Kingsburn, Hilltown, Balgowan, Strathmartine and Blairgowrie.

Bield tenant, Mrs Penman, said of social activities and volunteers: “Volunteers are very important because they bring a great deal to the scheme and provide interesting activities.

“I especially enjoy the reminiscence sessions over a cuppa and a chat. I make sure I am around for this activity and appreciate the time that the volunteers give to us tenants.”

The social activity programme is central to Bield’s “free to be” ethos, which supports people to make their own decisions about how they live their lives while also being there to assist them when they need it.

Jeni said: “We are always looking for ways to enrich the lives of our tenants and the positive feedback we have received proves that this programme is incredibly beneficial and rewarding for our tenants and our volunteers.”

If you are interested in volunteering with Bield or would like more information please contact Jeni Sinclair on 01382 309059 or

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