Bill to control rent levels introduced at Holyrood

A bill to control rent levels has been introduced at Holyrood.

Bill to control rent levels introduced at Holyrood

The Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill adds to the law about private rented housing in the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act 2016 and aims to improve the way rents are set in private rented housing as a means of reducing poverty and supporting low-income tenants and their families.

The bill prevents a landlord from increasing rent by more than a set level, related to inflation; allows a tenant to apply to the rent officer to have a ‘fair open market rent’ set for the property (a tenant can do this only once in any 12-month period); and requires landlords to include details of the rent they charge in the public register known as the Scottish Landlord Register.

The bill also means that the Scottish government has to publish a statement within three years. The statement must show how the bill has affected rent levels in Scotland and how affordable private rented housing is.

You can find out more in the document prepared on behalf of Pauline McNeill MSP that explains the bill.

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