CALA unveils bus link plans at new Erskine development

CALA Homes (West) has revealed a number of “significant” community benefits from its development at North Bar, Erskine, including a proposed new bus service.

The homebuilder’s proposals represent a major investment in the long-term future of the area with the creation of 195 new terraced, semi-detached, and detached homes at Florish Road.

The results of an economic impact study undertaken on behalf of CALA indicate a significant positive impact for the local economy generated from new residents, including an annual commercial expenditure of £3.7 million and council tax contribution of £300,000.

The development will support around 130 construction jobs a month over the duration of a four-year programme along with the creation of around 80 indirect jobs.

CALA hope to also contribute to wider community benefits through the submission of proposals to Renfrewshire Council for enhanced transport infrastructure.

After engaging with SPT and a bus operator to determine the most appropriate option for enhancing public transport links to the site, CALA has submitted plans to fund a new local bus link.

This has been timed to depart from Florish Road and meet existing services at a key interchange location while providing links to the Bridgewater Shopping centre.

CALA said the aim is to provide a key service at morning and afternoon peaks with further journeys throughout the day to enable connections and give residents time to carry out shopping, appointments, and more.

This service will not only serve residents in the new CALA development but will also benefit existing residents in the Garnieland Estate, most notably those living in Wrightlands Crescent, Torran Drive, Flures Crescent, Flures Drive, Flures Avenue, Flures Place, Broomlands Avenue and Hawthorn Road.

In addition, CALA is proposing to undertake a Community and Schools Outreach programme in relation to the archaeological work undertaken on site.

Led by Guard Archaeology, this will include school engagement days, and will provide opportunities for pupils to learn about local archaeological heritage as part of the curriculum.

Graham McNeil, land director for CALA Homes (West), said: “CALA believes that the proposed homes will deliver a positive, lasting legacy to benefit the town.

“We hope that the development will encourage more families to lay down roots in Erskine, with existing local businesses also benefiting over the medium to long-term as new residents settle in to their new homes.

“Our proposed new bus link will further heighten connectivity and encourage new residents to support their local shops and services.

“We firmly believe that the vision for this site will make it a really attractive, well connected place to live, and we hope that the benefits will be felt by new buyers and local residents alike.”

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