Caledonia concludes Bellsmyre Housing Association transfer

Caledonia Housing Association has completed the transfer of Bellsmyre Housing Association in a move that will deliver ambitious regeneration plans for the Bellsmyre area, including the provision of new homes to replace unpopular flats within the estate.

Caledonia concludes Bellsmyre Housing Association transfer

Julie Cosgrove

The Transfer of Engagements to Caledonia received overwhelming support from tenants, factoring service customers and shareholding members during numerous information sessions, consultations and a formal ballot. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also gave its approval to the transfer. 

Julie Cosgrove, chief executive, Caledonia Housing Association, said: “We are pleased to confirm that the transfer is complete. Caledonia is now responsible for the services previously provided by Bellsmyre.

“Our most important task now is to work with our local Bellsmyre team to ensure a seamless handover with no disruption in service delivery to our customers. We are keeping everyone informed, every step of the way.”

Louise Spence, chairperson of Bellsmyre Housing Association, added: “This transfer is a positive step for the community of Bellsmyre. Tenants are looking forward to having new and refurbished properties, and Caledonia brings the resources and experience to move forward to make these a reality. We are looking forward to building a better Bellsmyre.”

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