Caledonia moves sees tenant satisfaction improvement at Bellsmyre

Bellsmyre’s maintenance team planning next stages of the Association’s £5m investment programme
Bellsmyre’s maintenance team planning next stages of the Association’s £5m investment programme

Bellsmyre Housing Association has reported a notable increase in tenant satisfaction since becoming part of the Caledonia Housing Association Group.

In the first survey commissioned since the move in April 2016, Bellsmyre recorded a satisfaction increase of between 5%-16% for every Charter question when compared to the performance recorded in the last survey carried out in 2014.

Satisfaction with management of the neighbourhood increased from 71% to 87% reflecting the fact that, in accordance with commitments provided to tenants and factored owners, a priority of the association has been to improve environmental performance.

Meanwhile the initial results of Bellsmyre’s strategy to provide greater opportunities for tenants to shape services are encouraging, with satisfaction with being kept informed about services increasing from 82% to 95%.

An independent research company carried out face-to-face surveys with 47% of Bellsmyre Housing Association tenants. The survey work started in January 2017, ten months after establishing the partnership with Caledonia Housing Association.

Diane Williamson, chairperson of Bellsmyre Housing Association, said: “We established a partnership with Caledonia Housing Association last year so we could improve performance, results and services offered to tenants. Although we are at the early stages of our improvement programme, it is encouraging in a short period of time to have made a significant difference, with tenants far happier with the services they receive. We have bold and ambitious plans for our community and, after a difficult few years, these are heartening results, demonstrating we are making good progress delivering the change and improvement the people of Bellsmyre want to see.”

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