Call for evidence for housing intervention evaluations

What Works Centre for WellbeingA non-profit organisation which works with universities to study best practice has issued a call for evidence to housing associations, local authorities, housing charities or any other organisations for evaluations of housing interventions.

What Works Centre for Wellbeing is carrying out a systematic review with the University of Sheffield to find out how well housing interventions work to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of people with vulnerable housing status.

It is particularly interested in housing interventions designed to tackle homelessness and create sustainable tenancies.

The review team will be doing a careful search for published material, but would also like to include ‘grey’ literature – such as evaluations that have yet to be published, or reports and evaluations produced by charities, housing associations, government departments, or community groups.

The centre is seeking particularly seeking evidence that meets the following criteria:

  1. Evaluation studies with assessments of wellbeing taken before and after the housing intervention – this is to allow the centre to determine whether the intervention was associated with any changes in wellbeing.
  2. Evidence that includes comparison groups that did not participate in the housing intervention is particularly welcome.
  3. Evaluations of housing interventions designed for people with a vulnerable housing status which does or does not have an explicit wellbeing aim.
  4. Qualitative and quantitative evidence is welcome.
  5. All examples must be written in English and include an author and date. Only evidence which can be made publicly available can be included. If the work was done outside the UK, it would be helpful if the centre could be told something about how relevant the findings are likely to be to the UK housing system.

    Please send submissions electronically to the What Works Centre for Wellbeing with the subject line ‘Evidence: Wellbeing and Housing Interventions’

    The protocol is on PROSPERO

    The deadline for the call for evidence in 31 May. The full systematic review will be published in early 2018.

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