Campaigners slam ‘unacceptable’ rent rises

Living Rent CampaignThe Living Rent Campaign has called on the Scottish Government to take action following “unacceptable” rent increases of more than 8 per cent in a year in Edinburgh.

New research from Citylets has shown that average 2-bedroom rents in Edinburgh have increased by 8.5 per cent in one year, up more than 28 per cent in five years.

Over the last five years, average rents across Scotland have rocketed by 17.5 per cent.

At a time when many workers have seen consistently below inflation pay increases, these increases are becoming increasingly unaffordable, the Campaign said.

Separate research for YourMove has shown that more than one in ten tenants – 12.2 per cent - are struggling to pay rent and falling into arrears.

Gordon Maloney, from the Living Rent Campaign, said the case for action was unanswerable.

He said: “Rents are going through the roof, and tenants aren’t able to cope. Poll after poll has shown that the Scottish public recognise that the housing market is failing to deliver and that the Government must step in.

“The Scottish Government are considering the introduction of rent controls, and we are urging them to be bold. We need to ensure that these rent controls bring rents down across the country and ensure that people have somewhere safe, secure and affordable to live.”


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