Care Inspectorate praises Gowrie Care housing support service

Joy Dunlop
Joy Dunlop

A housing support service provided by Gowrie Care in Dundee has been praised in an inspection report following an unannounced visit by the Care Inspectorate.

The Gowrie Care Dundee West housing support service, which is based in Tullideph Place, was awarded the service grades of “very good” and “good” for quality of care and support and quality of management and leadership respectively.

After the unannounced visit, the Care Inspectorate said: “We spoke informally to some people who used the service during this inspection and some of their families.

“People appeared to be happy with their support and with the staff who supported them. People told us about the range of activities and outings they enjoyed, including holidays.

“Family members told us that generally they were happy with the quality of care and support.”

The report added: “There continued to be very good detail in support plans that made reference to other relevant guidelines or protocols.

“Where required, risk assessments had been completed to consider potential hazards or barriers and how people could enjoy a full range of activities and opportunities whilst minimising the risk of actual or potential harm.

“Where legal orders such as guardianship were in place, we saw copies of the powers that had been granted and this was referred to within care and support plans.

“Guardians we spoke to confirmed that they were well informed and that staff consulted with them as agreed.”

Welcoming the inspection results, Joy Dunlop, managing director of Gowrie Care, which is part of the Hillcrest Group, told Scottish Housing News: “We were delighted with the results of our recent inspection at Tullideph Place following the Care Inspectorate’s unannounced visit. I would like to congratulate all staff at the service who work hard to ensure we receive these impressive grades.

“As with any inspection we will take on board any feedback where there is room for improvement.

“At Gowrie Care we are committed to providing personalised support so I was particularly pleased with the feedback from family members and guardians. Staff work closely with service users to ensure that we are meeting their needs and I am always impressed with the added value activities that are ongoing in the service.”

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