Gowrie Care proven to be Volunteer Friendly

GC volunteersGowrie Care has officially been named as a volunteer friendly organisation after achieving the Volunteer Friendly Award.

The Dundee charity, part of the Hillcrest Group, achieved the accolade for the way it involves and manages volunteers in its work following the five strands of the Volunteer Friendly Award standards.

Damian McGowan, Gowrie Care managing director, said: “There are lots of benefits to having a Volunteer Friendly Award to both the organisation and its volunteers. Volunteers will have confidence that they are being looked after well and treated as an equal member of Gowrie Care and will be recognised for the contribution they make.

“The contribution that volunteers have made over the last year has made a great difference to the service we provide. Without the support of volunteers, events like our recent Wizard of Oz production would not have been possible.”


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