CAS: Millions of Scottish families missing out on cheaper broadband

CAS: Millions of Scottish families missing out on cheaper broadband

Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) has called on broadband providers to do more to raise awareness of their ‘social tariffs,’ which could save consumers £144 a year if they are claiming Universal Credit.

The call comes as Ofcom has revealed that just 55,000 of the eligible 4.2 million households has taken advantage of these schemes. That’s just 1.2 per cent.

CAS strong communities spokesperson Gillian Fyfe said: “These take-up figures are shocking. Low income families across the country are really struggling because of the rise in energy bills, the end of furlough and the reduction in Universal Credit. Saving £144 could be a lifeline for them, and yet it seems very few of them know about it or feel able to choose that option.

“The responsibility here lies with the broadband providers. It’s not enough for them simply to offer social tariffs. They need to make people aware that these options exist, and exactly how they should go about selecting these tariffs. CAS would also want to see eligibility for social tariffs extended so more people can take advantage of them and for social tariffs to also be offered in the mobile market.

“The Citizens Advice network will do our bit to make people aware of social tariffs, but the providers themselves must also take responsibility to increase take up.”

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