Cassiltoun staff share ideas during visit to Milnbank

As part of its regular programme of learning exchanges, Cassiltoun Housing Association’s Regeneration and Stables Nursery team went out to visit staff, volunteers and projects in the Milbank area.

The visit was led by Milbank Housing Association’s deputy director, Linda Sichi, who was an excellent ‘tour guide’ as she showed the Cassiltoun staff around Denniston and Milbank’s wider area of operation.

Linda said: “The Association was delighted to spend time with the staff from Cassiltoun HA. This was an excellent opportunity for two community controlled housing providers to share knowledge and examples of wider role service delivery.”

Highlights of the tour were a visit to Carbon Footprints Nursery which enabled staff to have a discussion about business challenges and the Scottish Government’s 2020 expansion agenda.

The Cassiltoun staff were also interested in redevelopment of back courts into new growing spaces funded through the climate challenge fund and Milnbank’s work in Alexandra Park to increase use of the greenspace and promote active travel. The projects shared many similarities to Cassiltoun’s own work at Castlemilk Stables and Castlemilk Park.

There was time to take a quick peek into Milbank’s Community Café and recycling shop and finally staff had a discussion with housing staff about both organisations approach to mitigating the impact of welfare reform and Universal Credit.

Clair Malpas, regeneration manager at Cassiltoun, said: “Getting our staff out of the office and visiting other projects is something we believe is vital. Seeing with your own eyes how others deliver their services and community initiatives and importantly speaking to the staff and service users is the best way to learn and get new inspiration.”

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