Charity bemoans SSE gas and electricity price increase

A rise in gas and electricity prices from energy firm SSE will hit consumers yet again and more warning should be given in the future, according to Citizens Advice Scotland.

SSE became the last of the “big six” energy companies to announce early summer price rises, with a 6.7% average increase in gas and electricity bills.

The move will see gas prices rise by 5.7% and electricity prices go up by 7.7% on 11 July for SSE customers on variable deals.

This will mean an average £76 per year rise for 2.36 million customers.

The company said the price rise was the result of increasing costs “largely outside our control”.

“We deeply regret having to raise prices and have worked hard to withstand the increasing costs,” said Stephen Forbes, chief commercial officer at the company.

“The cost of supplying energy is increasing and this ultimately impacts the prices we are able to offer customers.”

Citizens Advice Scotland energy spokesman, Craig Salter, said: “Once again, this is an increase that will see fuel bills rise at several times the rate of inflation, just like the recent rises by the other big energy companies.

“If increases in suppliers’ costs are the reasons for these price hikes, then we would expect that any reductions in those costs should also be reflected in household bills. And if costs do not rise as forecast, we would expect these increases to be quickly reversed for consumers.

“It is also important that suppliers give sufficient warning of price increases. In future the UK government’s proposed safeguard tariff could be used quickly to avoid sudden and steep price increases for those on default tariffs.”

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