CIH publishes housing manifesto ahead of UK election

CIH publishes housing manifesto ahead of UK election

The Chartered Insitute of Housing (CIH) has kicked off a campaign to urge all political parties to commit to a long-term plan for housing which recognises it as the foundation for creating and supporting healthy and sustainable communities.

Although housing policy is devolved, the CIH said it recognises that General Elections “transcend legislative boundaries, offering the unparalleled opportunity to engage with vital Westminster policies that are intricately connected to the housing fabric of our nations”.

As such, it has published a ten-point plan and a Strategy for housing which it said “draws on our members’ collective experience and develop this call to action that goes beyond geographical boundaries”.

“In the dynamic and diverse landscapes of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the pursuit of adequate and affordable housing stands as a paramount challenge that directly shapes the lives of individuals, families, and communities,” a statement signed by national directors of the devolved nations, including Callum Chomczuk, has said.

The statement added: “The interplay between our efforts in the devolved housing arenas and the broader policy context of the United Kingdom is undeniable. The decisions made in Westminster reverberate across our lands, influencing essential domains such as affordability through social security, the net zero framework, and our nations’ spending power through Barnett consequentials.

“As a UK-wide and international housing organisation, CIH is uniquely placed to draw on our members’ collective experience and develop this call to action that goes beyond geographical boundaries. And with this manifesto we will use our collective power to influence the trajectory of interrelated policy in and beyond our immediate jurisdictions.

“We want to amplify the voice of every member, regardless of where they reside, and help to develop a more equitable and sustainable housing system that is built upon solid foundations. Housing is not merely about bricks and mortar; it is about forging the bedrock of our communities, fostering affordability and the low-carbon agenda, and therefore safeguarding the future of every person and generations yet to come.

“The issues we face are complex and multifaceted. From worsening affordability to the pressing need to combat climate change, our mission is ambitious, but it is not insurmountable. Through policy reform, innovative solutions, and a commitment to collaboration, we can catalyse the transformation we seek. Together, we can leverage this electoral moment to reshape the discourse on social security, amplify the aspiration of our nations, and pave the way for a better, more sustainable future for all.”

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