CIH Scotland asks members to help create a better social security system

CIH_ScotlandCIH Scotland is seeking input from its members on how they think new powers in the Scotland Bill can improve social security in Scotland.

The Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee has launched a call for evidence on the practical implementation of powers relating to social security covered in the bill.

CIH Scotland said it needs to ensure that the experience and expertise of its members is reflected in this debate and will be carrying out its own consultation to inform its response to the Welfare Reform Committee.

A CIH Scotland statement read: “The Scotland Bill is making its way through House of Commons as we speak. This bill is the culmination of years of political debate and when enacted will provide powers with the potential to significantly change the way that Scotland works.

“Before the introduction of the bill, draft legislative clauses were closely scrutinised by CIH Scotland as well as academics, civil servants, expert advisors, housing organisations and third sector representatives. Questions were raised about the wording of the clauses, the extent of the powers and how they would work in practice – the devil is, after all, in the detail.

“Politicians in Westminster are now debating the case for further powers or amendments to the bill. But arguably, the more difficult decisions relate to what we do next. What do we want the housing system in Scotland to look like and how do we use the new powers to achieve this?”

CIH Scotland added: “We want to see a housing system in Scotland where every person has access to a warm, safe, affordable home. A person’s home can have a profound impact on their life chances, health and wellbeing and our job is to ensure that this impact is positive and that the homes and services we provide enable people to achieve their full potential. We want to see a social security system that supports people when they need help and that provides a level of income to allow for a good standard of living. That system must be accessible and simple to use for tenants and landlords.”



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