CIH Scotland calls for more resources to deliver home adaptations

CIH Scotland calls for more resources to deliver home adaptations

More investment is required to ensure that people across all housing tenures are able to access equipment and adaptations when needed, CIH Scotland has outlined in its response to a consultation on revised draft guidance from the Scottish Government.

Set to replace guidance issued in 2009, the new guidance aims to ensure streamlined and equitable access to equipment and adaptations, recognising that there are currently a number of barriers to overcome and sometimes lengthy delays in the provision of equipment and adaptations. It highlights the need for better partnership working, choice for service users and more focus on prevention and early intervention.

Responding to the consultation, Ashey Campbell, policy and practice manager at CIH Scotland, said: “We welcome the updated guidance and the acknowledgement of the significant contribution that equipment and adaptations can make to people’s day to day lives. However, guidance alone will not provide adaptations for the 250,000 households who report needing an adaptation to help with their day to activities.

“Our work on housing and dementia has highlighted the inequality that can be faced by people in different housing tenures. There are different funding streams depending on who your landlord is or if you own your own home and it’s not always easy to find advice and information, particularly for people living in the private sector.

“Simple adaptations can make a huge difference to people’s lives and can save money by preventing a hospital admission or move to residential care. If the Scottish Government is serious about focusing on prevention and ensuring equitable access, it needs to ensure that funding is not a barrier to accessing equipment and adaptations.”

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