Cloch achieves award for customer service excellence

Staff and Board members at Cloch Housing Association have been praised after the organisation received a Customer Service Excellence Award this month.

The Award is given for achieving 57 outcomes from a rigorous assessment of customer focussed business processes and practices.

Cloch has been working on developing outstanding customer services using the framework provided by the Award. Dubbed by Cloch as the FACE project (Focus on Achieving Customer Excellence), the work saw staff and Board members spend two years working to improve customer surveys, customer contact and the provision of services to customers through Cloch’s new Customer Connections hub.

The two-year project involved staff from all levels within the housing association. Surveys sent to customers were dissected and changed to be more meaningful. The customer journey was mapped out and changes were made to the way staff deliver services, from taking payments through to dealing with arrears. A new set of Customer Service Standards were launched last year with the help of Cloch’s Customer Scrutiny Team and staff found innovative ways to communicate with tenants at a Christmas Gala and a Cinema event to find out what they wanted from Cloch’s services.

A major change to services was launched in April this year by providing a ‘one stop shop’ approach to answering customer calls. This required the creation of a new team, Customer Connections and an investment in training and technology. A new customer portal My Cloch, which allows customers 24/7 access to the Association’s services, has recently gone live with an impressive take-up. Customers can now access services at a time and a method of their choosing.

Director Paul McVey said: “Our focus and culture at Cloch is about excellent communication and customer service. We are driven by improvement and making things better where we can. This Award is a huge achievement for everyone in the organisation. Every staff and Board member had an input in to the work that was required to achieve the award and we are all delighted with the recognition.

“However, the award is simply the icing on the cake, the real value and success has been found in making the changes and the improvements in order to get us to where we are now.”

The work does not stop as to continue to hold the award, an annual assessment is carried out to ensure the standards are continued and the FACE project will continue to provide a platform for staff and board to continuously improve.

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