Cloch welcomes visitors from Nottingham

Cloch and Tuntum staff with Scott Drever of SDM

Cloch Housing Association welcomed Tuntum Housing Association from Nottingham for the day to learn about how the Association uses its SDM housing software to the best advantage.

Staff in Greenock were happy to share the new and innovative approaches they have taken over the last few years to improve the way they use their housing software. This includes a new web portal, fully digitising their planned maintenance, maximising the use of the software to help with Universal Credit collection and better reporting for KPI’s and ARC.

Andy Thomson, housing services manager at Cloch, said: “It has been really enjoyable getting to know a housing association we have never before met and being able to help them, in any small way, with their project to upgrade their skills and use of the software. And it is good for Cloch staff to have their hard work acknowledged and be able to show the improvements that we have made.”

Both sets of staff agreed that this was a fantastic opportunity to build new relationships and there are plans to keep in touch over the next while to build on the success of the day.

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